"Fantastic School- well balanced martial arts education from experienced coaches. Good for the body and soul. Great team spirit- newcomers are treated friendly with respect and get included in the team from day one. If you are looking for a martial arts gym-this is the one!" Dr. Dominic Frimberger


"I attend OMA over other martial arts schools in the area because of the technical aspects of the Drysdale/ Seth's way of teaching "Real Jiu-Jitsu" that works for MMA, Sport and Street Fighting. I love the self-defense and discipline at OMA. I've achieved the very essence of practical technique of BJJ." -Mike Hayes


"Some of the best people you will ever meet. From the coaches, to the students, to the families. This place isn't just another academy. This place is a home, a family, and a great place to train."

-Brittany Martin



"I was very nervous coming in having never doing BJJ ever in my life. This gym and the people not only in it but who run it are class acts! I have never felt more welcomed and felt like family so soon. I highly recommend at least trying the week! You will be hooked!! They take pride in there gym and tech safety and technique!! I will be a full time white belt at oma!"

-Ronnie Harrison


"There are lots of wonderful jiu jitsu schools in Oklahoma. Here are a few reasons why I choose to train at OMA. The academy is a family. After you have shown that you are going to "stick around" (not quit after a few weeks) you are part of the family! Everyone looks out for everyone. We ALL want each and everyone to get better. The black belt instructor rolls with all his students on a regular basis because he cares about EVERY ONE of his student's progress. He and the Academy will change your lifestyle! You will be held to a higher standard. Great things will be expected from you, BUT the jiu jitsu family will help you achieve. The people here WILL make you successful no matter how long it takes because they care. Just put forth the effort! The main reason I train at OMA is because they care."

-Dr. Jason Lee


" OMA simply provides the best and most practical martial arts instruction I have ever experienced. They offer several different martial arts disciplines taught by world class instructors. Since I started training at OMA, I have lost weight and improved my strength, endurance and flexibility. The workouts always push me to my physical and mental limits. I would encourage anyone to join OMA and enjoy the benefits they provide. You will not find a more knowledgeable, dedicated and caring group of professionals." -Shane McCabe